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RUMMING Group Since 2012

We have a clear vision about RUMMING and our mission, therefore we are expanding rapidly in the construction industry.

Since the first day, we provide to our clients the right solution for them, not only seeking our company benefit, but having as main purpose their long term satisfaction. RUMMING E.C.H. provides high performance Architectural and Buildings solutions for all leading, Architects, Civil Engineers, Developers and Individuals, aiming at high architecture, aesthetics and functionality of any building, new or existing.

We are a lucky company consisting of great people and excellent professionals. We’re a growing team of various profile experts, leaders, full of personality minus the ego. Our strength is our people who are trained and cultivate the same loves and worries with us. RUMMING E.C.H. Is a team of high specialized people with perfect combination for providing to our customers what they need. We are different professionals from different sectors working together to maximize our performance. Offering products and services considering clients’ needs and satisfaction for their major priorities.



RCON-AL is a technical company specialized in distribution of well- known and prestigious European companies for the Balkan market. The company is focused on a great variety of veneer products for architects and designers, providing turnkey solutions. Moreover, is an excellent source for fireplaces and fire solutions. As it is well known in the market, we are the Stone and Fire Experts.

RUMMING EC.H has more than 10 years experience in the fireplace sector, providing a wide range of excellent choices in energy fireplaces and stoves. From high-performance air fireplaces to hydro fireplaces that can heat up an entire house and from insert fireplaces that turn the old open fireplace into energy, up to gas fireplaces that can effectively heat a space without the need to store wood. Additionally, for those whom design and beauty are a way of life, we offer a range of Premium Fireplaces, which can blend harmoniously with high aesthetics.

One of the products we manufacture is a wide range of bio-ethanol fireplaces – hearths that find application in any architectural style.
As a result, for any environment such as apartments, hotels, offices, etc. we are able to create a cozy corner through bioethanol fireplaces without any restrictions.

The fireplaces – hearths of our company use as fuel the ethanol produced from the fermentation of sugar cane which we market.

The result of the above combustion is an infinitesimal amount of water and carbon dioxide, so there is no requirement for a chimney as they do not produce dangerous gases.

In addition, we can manufacture custom made products so that they meet all the requirements of the customer or architect.


Energy Saving Fireplaces

Intent on providing Balkan’s with a dynamic collection of designer fires, RUMMING E.C.H. Fireplace Collection has gathered not only Europe’s best fireplace designs, but also fireplaces that have been manufactured with high quality materials that are built to last lifetime. We introduce to you our prestigious French fireplace manufactures, Axis and Seguin. Both integrate innovation, technology, environmental impact, operational expertise and quality, whilst holding design at the forefront. Proudly hand crafted in France, these fireplaces add a whole new dimension to your home by creating the maximum of comfort whilst capturing the perfect place for social gatherings and special moments.

Our range of options can be met by any prospective buyer, offering unrivaled quality, international certification high performance and economy, as well as the long- term guarantee of good functioning guaranteed by our company.

From the choice of cast-iron and steel, to the meticulous hand assembly of each firebox, Seguin Duteriez artisans perpetuate the “Duty of Quality” with a simple objective: “Make the fireplace the heart of your home”.

Bioethanol Burners & Fireplaces

The fireplace is an element that gives beauty and charm to space, but in some cases it is impossible to have the required chimney. That was the main issue that inspired us to create our own production of fireplaces without a chimney.

A chimney-free fireplace can be a great addition to professional spaces, villas, hotels or even open air places, giving aesthetic quality and refinement, offering a true flame image. Additionally, we can produce 100% custom made products in order to satisfy all requirements of the client or the architect, always fulfilling our top priorities, for a high quality product and high aesthetic design.

What is Bioethanol:

Bioethanol or ethyl alcohol (C2H5OH) is a clear colorless liquid, it is biodegradable and it is mainly produced by the sugar fermentation process. The main source of sugar required to produce ethanol comes from fuel or energy crops. These fuel crops are normally grown specifically for energy use and include maize, corn and wheat crops, waste straw, willow, sawdust, reed canary grass, cord grasses, Jerusalem artichoke, myscanthus and sorghum plants.

These modern and elegant fireplaces blend perfectly into any contemporary home or commercial interior design. Capture the magic of the fireplace’s flame with the environmental consciousness that bioethanol offers.

BIO Custom:

Have you decided to create, from start to finish, your own Special Built-in Fireplace tailor made exactly to your needs? Then, welcome the Bio Custom.

RCON-AL designs, manufactures and creates your ideal Fireplace Hearth as you have envisioned it.

Many & various options:
▪ Shape, open sides, number & size of burners, are some of them.
▪ Optional protective glasses & insulation are some of the additional components that can complete your desire.

Bio Beton Bio Ceramic Burners

Setting as first priority the excellent quality and the Customer’s expectations, RCON-AL, designs, manufactures and realizes Bioethanol Fireplaces of ultimate quality and elegance, raising this way the Standards in the Heating Field. All our production procedures operate with meticulous attention to the details and ecological concern for the environment.

WHY TO CHOOSE RCON Bio heaters & Fireplaces:

Bioethanol Fireplaces:

RCON BIO heater offer a wide range of bioethanol fireplaces which can be adopted in any kind of architectural style. Bioethanol fireplaces burn a special, ecological, odorless and safe liquid and can be installed in a few minutes without any difficulty.

Energy Saving Fireplaces:

Exceptional design coupled with refined materials, our fireplace collection showcases the perfect merging of style and function, hand-made in the heart of France for the heart of your home.


Company Locations

With headquarters in Athens Greece, we manage and provide our services through a quality workspace in order to lead our teammates to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere.

For Us in RUMMING E.C.H. is essential our employees to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings and to motivate them produce their best work.

This philosophy we share and follow in our companies in Tirana, Albania, in Pristina, Kosovo and our latest office in Rome, Italy with our offices located in strategic locations.